• My spouse and i started off by exploring all speakers that were of course within my price range and i also saw these and see the reviews. All We can say is to try it out by yourself and see if you like it since there are a lot of men and women that expect top quality products at a cheap price. My experience after installing these to the headunit(no amp)all I possibly could say was Wow these sound really good and the bass sounds is absolutely good for how big the speakers and of course should you be looking for something to rattle your trunk, search for a subwoofer and not a 6. 5 speaker and proceed with the expectation that it will do the same. I would definitely buy these again if I actually needed to and would recommend these to other people because if you're the sort of person just looking for a few bass to even out requirements in your car these can get the job done and for the retail price you can't go wrong and I think if you install four you'll certainly be set especially with the tweeters included. I actually wouldn't hook up them to an amp because these sound awesome alone but if you're going to I'd give you advice not to hook up the tweeters to the amp. Overall We are really satisfied with my purchase and if most likely open to try new brands you won't be disappointed with Pyle when it comes to these speakers.